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Why 5G technologies when some are not even on 2G?

Why 5G technologies when some are not even on 2G?

Hey guys brings you a new blog on Why 5G when some are not even on 2G?. This will give you a new perspective on using 5G over 2G
At a time when 5G technologies is knocking at the doors of mobile communications, the need for 2G services, even in remote locations like Andaman and Nicobar, is totally out of place. The 2G services have several limitations when compared to 4G, which is where the majority of the telecom investments are going in currently. The 2G technology is used for primarily voice services. Though the data can be accessed on 2G, the speeds are comparable to a bullock cart. The 4G tech is used to deliver high-speed data and high-quality voice services.

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Due to its limiting factors, many countries and telecom operators are shutting down 2G technology – some are even turning off 3G. For instance, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore no longer support 2G. The largest economy US is pulling the plug on 2G in 2020, while Taiwan will stop supporting 3G by the end of this year.
It doesn’t make sense to deploy 2G at this point because the cost difference in setting up of 2G and 4G infrastructure is negligible. In any case, the DoT will be giving subsidies to operators from the USOF (Universal Service Obligation Fund), a fund aimed at boosting telecom connectivity in rural areas. The telecom companies would be better off spending money in futuristic technologies as they can offer more services on 4G/5G network than 2G network.

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Interestingly, Andaman and Nicobar islands are part of West Bengal telecom circle, and Kolkata, which is also part of the same circle, was the first region to launch 4G services in the country. The call to deploy 2G technology by the government seems ironic.

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