WhatsApp Will Allow Users To Run Same Account In Multiple Devices know more

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WhatsApp is soon coming up with a feature that will allow users to run the same account on two devices. It is currently being tested. Let’s know how it will work.

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to bring a new multi-device support feature for its users. This feature is currently in the testing phase. This will help users run the same WhatsApp account on two devices. This will be very helpful for users who want to run the same account in different smartphones. These features will be rolled out for both Android and iOS platforms. 

Rollout Plan

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, which monitors WhatsApp’s updates, the company is currently working on the feature. This feature will allow users to run WhatsApp accounts on more than one device. You can now run the same account on four devices in the app. But this multi-device feature was available only for beta users, but now it is going to be rolled out for all users.

How Does it work

According to the WaBetaInfo reports, when users run WhatsApp in the main device, the app will Sync chat history and download messages from the app server when the account is linked to another device. The important thing is that even if the main device’s internet remains switched off, WhatsApp will continue to run. 
WhatsApp Messenger Room Shortcuts will now be removed from chat shares soon. The company is going to remove this feature from its app on both iOS and Android platforms.

According to the WABetaInfo, users were not using the WhatsApp Messenger room feature much and that is why the company has decided to remove it from the app. According to the reports, this feature has been disabled on both beta versions WhatsApp beta IOS and WhatsApp Beta Android 

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