wear a mask

wear a mask 

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Would any of us have thought that such a day will come when all people will have to wear a mask  and hide their faces?? Strange!! No one would have thought of this, As we are going through a very serious or we can say deadly infected disease named CORONAVIRUS all the people are seen wearing masks most of the times.

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wear a mask Due to the recent surge in the COVID cases, ‘The Centers for Disease Control along with WHO and ICMR’  recommend everyone’s wearing mask to slow the spread of the virus making the CORONA curve flattened. Now one thing will come in your mind whether we will be saved from COVID just by wearing a mask, So No, you will have to wear a mask in any cases beacause this “CORONAVIRUS” areZoonoticmeaningthey are transmitted between Animals to Persons or Persons to Animals. 

So along with the mask, you have to follow all the protocols and guidelines of COVID-19 ( Like, washing hands from time to time, doing sanitization, keeping oneself clean and the most importantly maintaining a distance of six feet or more i.e., Social Distancing ).

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It’s a sure thing to wear a MASK until the COVID pandemic is completely eradicated, rather than you will absolutely know the struggle of wearing mask, how difficult it is to carry it for a long time. It is also a very difficult task to keep wearing a mask in this increasing heat that are in Summer season. Wearing a mask can be very tough task nowadays making breathing more difficult. 

Keeping that in mind, You’ll have to make sure your mask is reasonably breathable to help both increase comfort and keep you safe.

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So the thing is IS IT SAFE OR NOT ?then after seeing and understanding all the facts, we come to the conclusion that it is absolutely safe to wear a mask, even in this summer. You just have to pay attention to some things which are mentioned below:

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        In the Heat and Humidity of summer, Masks can be become uncomfortable. So you have to make sure that your mask is Light-weighted and take periodic safe breaks without the mask ang good hydration can all make the mask more tolerable.

    Avoid heavy material masks and try to keep your mask dry. As per the guidelines of COVID-19, You must have to follow the protocols so it must be worn close to the face to be effective but if you start feeling winded, then You may take some break to breathe some natural air.

   Avoid masks that have a vent (some commercially available N95 masks have this). Although they are cooler and allow droplets to escape through the vent and thus are not preventing infection.

     Disposable surgical masks that you can change out frequently and are handy and effective that are acceptable and reasonably comfortable. (One’s must sure to change out during long periods of mask wearing when yo e in close proximity to others).

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     Finally, wearing a mask says to others around you, “I CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY AS MUCH AS MINE”. Be a good citizen and enjoy the summer. WEAR A MASK.

COVID-19 continues to spread even in the humid heat of summer, so it,s important to keep wearing masks and maintaining social distancing to prevent transmission. As we all are aware about the deadly “CORONAVIRUS” DISEASE, The WHO has renamed the multiple different strains of COVID-19 circulating around the world to make them easier to understand. Under the changes, the four most concerning variants take on the first four letters of Greek alphabets-

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>> ALPHA (THE UK VARIANT) : First detected in September 2020, also known as the kent variant and B.1.1.7

>> BETA (THE SOUTH AFRICAN VARIANT) : First detected in May 2020, also known as B.1.351

>> GAMMA (THE BRAZILIAN VARIANT) : First detected in November 2020, also known as P1

>> DELTA (THE INDIAN VARIANT) : First detected in october 2020, and is very contagious. That means it’s one of the four variants most concerning to Global Health Authorities because it’s believed to show :

:-  Increased transmissibility or detrimental change in epidemiology (the scientific study of the spread and control of diseases).

:-   Increased virulence or change in disease presentation.

:-  Decreased effectiveness of prevention and control measures.

:-  It’s other names include B.1.617.2, Although there’s more than one of those Indian variant , that are:

KAPPA, THE OTHER INDIAN VARIANT (it’s other name is very similar to the DELTA variant : B.1.617.1.

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. 

The government guidelines suggest that 1 in 3 people who have COVID-19 have no symptoms, It seems that this occur more often in the healthiest and the younger age groups including most children. Being asymptomatic means that you have no symptoms. 

If you live in a house with people having covid-19 infection and you have no symptoms, you may be an asymptomatic case. While those people are less likely than those with symptoms to spread the disease.

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So now I am very sure about that there will be no doubt left in your mind wearing a mask is safe or not whether it is hot, cold or anything else. All of us just have to be careful and wear masks whenever we talk to any person or we are in public or in close proximity with the infected persons and also try to maintain six-feet or more social distancing.

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Knowing the importance of wearing mask in this pandemic, just one thing to keep in mind is that if you start having problems in breathing or feel very hot or dizzy due to heat, You can immediately remove your mask by isolating yourself for a while, but keep in mind that you do not do this publicly or when you are with an infected person.

So my Lovely READERS, I Hope that you all are taking good care of yourself and your loved ones and have understood my points, so at last I would like to greets you with lots of positivity. STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY and YES… WEAR A MASK FOR SURE..!!!




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