Video Games OR Physical Games: Pros and Cons

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It’s the 21st century and although we don’t have flying cars or real hoverboards, we have a lot that we promised from the future of the 1980s. Computers on our wrist, internet satellites, and video games that can be downloaded to your console right away. However, are digital games the future rather than retail physical? It looks like we’re changing games more and more every day. Where once we had to blow in chunky cartridges and disc drives, it seems the industry is digitizing in a big way. Although technology in digital games is clearly advancing, there are disadvantages that you do not get as far as physical use is concerned. So let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of digitally buying games versus possessing the copy of meats that you can hold.

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First and foremost, it is so easy to be credited to digital gamers everywhere. Just hit some buttons and wait for a little and you can suddenly play anything that fascinates. There are even services that allow you to prepare for midnight launches to save time, so no longer sitting in the snow outside a target as the first in the multiplayer of the new call of service. However, the excitement of a midnight shopping launch is to be remarked. You don’t have to get up with your fellow gamers and share war stories about the pre-midnight launches. And then you finally get your copy and feel yourself burning a hole in your bag on the way home. Much of the attraction of physical gaming belongs to this nostalgia for the experience of gaming. A community based on the common and passionate love of collector editions that companies encouraged. They’re unbelievably handy. Without leaving the couch you can purchase and install digital games from your console or PC. Moreover, many digital games can be “pre-loaded” when pre-ordered, so that the game is downloaded and ready to release the second game. Digital games can even be purchased through PlayStation and Xbox’s mobile apps and installed and waited for you on the way home. You will never lose them. Physical mediums are nice, and everything, but they can be lost, stolen, or destroyed — if you have pets or young children. Your digital games are stored in the cloud securely in any console, PC or Nintendo connected to your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Steam accounts, and can usually be removed and replaced. Cross-buy is amazing. There are some digital games that you can purchase once and play over many platforms that make it incredibly attractive to play physical games. XBOX Play Anywhere, for example, can be purchased once and played across Xbox One or PC, like Gears of War 4, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, or Cuphead. The same is true for the titles like PlayStation, Darkest Dungeon, and Super Meat Boy, to be enjoyed throughout your PS4 and Vita.

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These physical-only collector editions are available for people who love their hobby, in limited amounts. The decoration and display of these trinkets for a few gamers is half fun. There are also digital ‘collector editions’ but usually they only contain items in the game, rather than a cool replica of Bloodborne’s hunter or something to keep your desk busy. However, there are other reasons to be physical rather than digital than this appeal to gamers’ hearts. You can return to sell them. While your digital shopping continues forever, physical games can once you are finished with them, be returned to places such as GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon. You probably won’t get all your money back, but you’ll get some money to put on your list for the next big game. You can borrow it and borrow it too. Would your friend want to see how wonderful the new Call of Duty game is? Your copy is much easier to hand over than to go and install it from the cloud. Also, whether it exists or not, there are still game rental services. Places like GameFly and Redbox allow you to try before purchasing, and sometimes you keep any games that you like for an additional fee.  Discounts are more common. While both digital and physical games are frequently on sale, you usually get the best physical game discounts. As with the Best Buy Gamers Club account, Amazon Prime members get 20 percent off new physical releases. You can also buy pre-owned games that usually are at least several bucks cheaper than new copies when going physical. It is convenient to download digital games, but you could spend the day installing a single game if you have no good Internet access. At the same time, physical games are installed from the disc so you could get them on your console rather quickly, no matter how fast your link is.

It would appear on paper that physical activity has more concrete advantages. But if you have a decent Internet connection, hate dealing with people in stores, and want to get to the game from anywhere, digital games are a great deal to love. The truth is, there are many gamers who mix both — sometimes you can’t see a physical deal; other times, without leaving your home. There is no wrong way to play, but the pros and cons of both options should surely be taken into consideration.

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