Users can browse other applications while watching YouTube let’s know more about this

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The PiP function will allow users to watch YouTube videos and work in other applications. This feature is currently being tested.

Tech giant Google is working on a new feature called PiP, which is the Picture in Picture function. This feature, which will be introduced for iOS users, will allow YouTube app premium subscribers to watch videos while using other apps on mobile devices. Currently, this feature is only available to YouTube premium customers. The function has now been implemented experimentally.

According to the report from AppleInsider, users will be able to manually activate YouTube’s new PiP feature in advance. After enabling the feature, it will allow users to minimize the YouTube viewing window and turn it into a mini player window. Then users will be able to watch Youtube videos on smartphones and use other applications.

YouTube said that when using this feature, the screen lock will pause the video, although the content can be resumed via the controls on the lock screen. YouTube had announced plans to roll out a PiP mode for US subscribers to its premium service in July.

Steps to use the new PiP function


  • YouTube users need to visit to use the new PiP feature.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Browse picture-in-picture, i.e. in PiP mode.
  • Select the “Try it” mode option.
  • Open the activated account option.
  • Open the YouTube app on iPhone and play a video.
  • Click the start button to deactivate the app or slide it up and down.
  • YouTube will now turn into a mini player and then the video will continue to play in a small PiP window.

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