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Vidtoon 2.0 Review 2021

Vidtoon 2.0 is the latest version of the world’s best 2D Drag and Drop animation maker, it comes with more than 25 characters each with 20 animation, 100 FHD cartoon backgrounds, 100 Modern Royalty-free music, and many more.


  • Faster: We’ve Outdone Ourselves. The All New Editor Works Faster Than Ever Before. We Help You Create Videos in Record Time.
  • More! More Ready-To-Go Animated Characters Included For Just About Any Scenario And Niche That You Want To Dominate
  • Even Bigger! Expanded Royalty Free Library With HD Background Images and Music Files Ready With A Click!
  • Go Global! Multilingual Text (Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Hindi) Supported
  • Automated Voice Overs: Give Your Animations A Touch of Reality With Our Microsoft and Google Dynamic Text To Speech Options!
  • Longer! Now Create Videos That Are Up To 20 Min Long As Compared To Just 3 Min Earlier. Sell Longer Videos For More Profits
  • ADD ON #1 Free Commercial License Upgrade Included So You Can Make Money From All Your Animations Without Legal Hassles
  • Smart Timeline: We Know What Works Best! Drag & Drop Items Onto The Scene & Let Us Work Our Auto-Positioning Magic!
  • 3X Timelines Per Category – Manage Your Items With Greater Ease!
  • FHD Export – Redefine Great Quality!
  • Camera Zoom In/Out Feature- Focus On What Matters
  • Modern User Interface- For Our Smart Users!
  • Built In Images, GIFs & Icons- We’re Bringing The World To Your Doorstep In Association With Pixabay & Giphy To Make Your Animation Effective!
  • More Animations & Transitions- Change The Rules of The Game! Be In It To Win It.
  • And a lot more…

Images Aren’t Good Enough For Your Audience Today!

If you’re using static images to reach out to your audience that has the attention span of a Goldfish, you’re in for a disappointment.

Grab The Multitasking
Audience’s Attention Using Effective Videos

There is cut-throat competition between brands to keep their heads above water in the space of digital marketing.

Run Down Video Content
Is Not The Solution

With people doing multiple things at once, it is very hard to be compelling enough for someone to stop passively scrolling. Videos and audio are extremely effective in producing results in our favour. 90% of everything that stimulates us mentally comes by way of video and audio. Now imagine, your audience finding an animated video with sound as they scroll through the mundane content of nameless brands.




And your job here is done, folks. Your voice has been heard by the generation that has their earphones plugged in at all times. Your message has been delivered over their extremely demanding and hectic lives. You’ve managed to attract them to your product or service. You’ve managed to make yourself a great deal of profit with tremendous ease.

Animated Videos For President
Of The Free Marketing World

If we could vote for anyone, we would vote for animated videos. Statistics from HubSpot & other researchers back us up on our choice!

Effective Development: Animated videos have worked to increase sales as vouched by 76% marketers. Increased traffic generation has become a reality.

Exceptional Communication: Explainer animated videos less than 90 seconds in duration are shared 37% more often.

If these aren’t qualities you are looking for in your next campaign, we don’t know what you are looking for. Using Animated Videos is unquestionably the RIGHT CHOICE.

But Chances Are That You Already Knew This:

You’ve Seen Your Competition Use VidToon 1.0 And Make Exceptional Profits.

We’re not telling you something you don’t already know. You’ve seen your contemporaries use animated videos to their advantage. More specifically, you have seen them use the best software to do it- VidToon!

You missed out then! We know how that can be a downward spiral. You’re losing out on your audience everyday as others leverage animated videos to attract them. They’re taking on your market share and making exponential profits.

If you’re still questioning what to do next, take it from us and choose change. It’s always the right choice. Jump onto the bandwagon of using animated videos without wasting another precious moment. Effectively market your brand and uncover the gold mine!

Animation Has Something For Every Niche-


Affiliate Marketers

eCom Store Owners

YouTube Channel Owners

Digital Marketers


Small Businesses

Local Consultants

Drive traffic to your clients


We’ve got you covered. Simply follow the steps below to begin marketing effectively-

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