The Inevitable Third Wave..!

inevitable third wave

The gap between the two waves of the pandemic in Covid-19 is not consistent worldwide as it depends on the coverage of the vaccine, human behavior, and virus variants. . In April, Germany and France witnessed the third wave of the pandemic while the UK starts to enter the third wave. Several experts have anticipated in the last several days, warning of a possible third wave of the pandemic. A gap between the two waves of the Covid-19 pandemic of approximately 4 to 5 months is observed. In India, the first peak was in September, and the second in April-May – in six months. When the graph was taken into consideration. A New survey predicted that in October, November, the third wave might hit India, which is also six months from there.  Experts said that if Covid’s proper behavior is not properly maintained, the inevitable third wave might occur within six to eight weeks. Also, if the unlocking process is not measured, the virus may return within two months, before the trend in India to date.

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Dr. Rahul Padita, a member of the Maharashtra Covid workforce said that a few countries saw a gap of 14 to 15 weeks, but some had a fresh wave before the previous two months. In view of the devastating economic impact, lockdown measures are not the only solution as a means of controlling the outbreak. In terms of prevention, Covid Hotspots and Locks should implement an aggressive surveillance strategy in case of a major surge. “The biggest challenge is vaccination. Usually, a new wave takes up to 3 months but depending on different factors, it can take considerably less time. In addition to proper behavior by Covid, strict monitoring needs to be ensured. Last time we saw a new version, which was developed from outside, leading to the huge rise in the number of cases. We know that the virus remains mutating. Aggressive monitoring is required in hotspots.

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With regard to the spread of the Delta variant in the UK that is now facing a third wave, he said, “the virus is still mutating. 99 percent of the fresh COVID-19 cases in the UK now account for the highly transmissible variant first identified in India, news agency PTI reported. The number of Delta variant infections in the United Kingdom increased in a week by 33,630 to 75,953; now 99 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the country were identified as the first highly transmittable in India, as warned by health authorities Friday. PHE (Public Health England), which has been weekly tracking variants of concern, said that its data show a high risk of Delta VOC hospitalization compared to Alpha VOC in the Kent region of England first identified. It also noted that it provides “a high protection level” against hospitalization from the Delta variant for two dosages of a COVID vaccine. However, the number of cases has shown a downward trend and the positivity rate has been shrinking in the last several days. From a daily case count of over 4 lakh, the number of new COVID-19 cases has been hovering around 60,000 in the last couple of days. A brutal second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic struck India severely in April and May, claiming a massive number of lives each day, and oxygen supply shortages in different hospitals added to the problems. Nevertheless, there was a downward trend in the number of instances and the positive rate has decreased over the last few days. The number of new COVID-19 cases in the last few days has grown by approximately 60,000 in a case count of more than 4 lakh daily.

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A third pandemic wave is unavoidable in India and might hit the country in the six to eight weeks that follow. There’s a lack of Covid-suitable behavior again as we have begun unlocking. What happened between the first wave and the second wave doesn’t seem to have learned us. People are gathering again, crowds are growing up. The number of cases at the national level will take some time. It all depends on how we conduct ourselves to protect ourselves and to prevent crowds. Many parts of the country, including cities like Delhi and Mumbai, have lifted lock-up and curfew restrictions earlier devastated by the spread of the virus, since Covid’s case has steadily declined throughout the country. Over the last 24 hours, India has registered 60,753 new cases of Covid and 1,647 viral deaths. The positive daily rate is 2.98%, which remained below 5% on the 12th consecutive day. The respiratory infections come in waves. Waves occur in pandemic respiratory disease because it changes in its shape and it remains susceptible to a portion of the population. But if most people become immune — either by vaccination or of course — the virus becomes endemic. This was the case with H1N1. The infection has now become seasonal. It only comes in winter and in the monsoon. wishes you the best, for your and your family’s good health and prosperity, Please use proper protection to destroy the virus, we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe

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