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The Best Bed Sheets Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Bed sheets are an important part of your sleep experience yet are often overlooked aside from considering what color might best match your décor. Sheets envelop your body while you sleep and can either contribute to a better night’s sleep or distract from it. The texture, feel, warmth, and moisture wicking capabilities all contribute to your comfort while you doze.

This best sheet buying guide will show you different sheet materials, discuss what to look for in thread count and mattress fit, and offer tips for choosing the best sheets for you. Below are our top picks for best sheets. We consider verified buyer feedback and customer reviews plus our in-house testing process, analysis, and sleep trials when making our choices.

Here the list’s of Bed Sheet’s

  • Best Overall : LINENWALAS
  • REASONS TO GO FOR LINENWALAS BAMBOO SHEET SET: Our 100% organic bamboo is softer than egyptian cotton/rayon/viscose or any other fiber inculding silk,It is anti pilling and great for hair and skin, regulates body temperature, It is pet friendly and fairly priced.
  • Content: 1 Bed sheet –Single 60×90 Inch and 2 pillow covers -18×28 Inch , TRULY 100% BAMBOO SHEETS: If you are a bamboo bedding user, you would know that this miracle fabric is best used without any blending. Linenwalas bamboo sheets are made from natural organic bamboo which makes it the softest and best sheets around. Ideal for people with sensitive skin and hot sleepers. Naturally thermo regulating & cool, getting better with subsequent washes.
  • 100% ORGANIC BAMBOO IS BEST FOR SKIN & HAIR: Our bamboo bedding is better than momme silk as it is smooth on your facial hair and does not create static or heat of silk. No Silkworms are harmed in making this softer than silk fabric and is vegan.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN INDIA: Linenwalas bamboo sheets have been stitched using strong 3ply core thread. The products are neatly Stitched and threads are fixed even after several washes. These sheets have been ethically made in India.
  • Best Value: Story@Home 

Product Details: Material: 100% Cotton ,Fabric Count: 20’s X 20’s,1 PC Bed Sheet,2 PC Standard Sized Pillowcases ,Bed Sheet Size: 225 cm X 235 cm | 88 inch X 93 inch | 7.3 ft X 7.7 ft ,Pillow Size: (46 cm X 69 cm + 3 cm frill) | (18 inch X 27 inch + 1.20 inch frill)How to Choose Your Bed Sheet :Bedsheet are generally made of different material and comes in varies sizes. Learn the Lingo: Usually Long fiber cottons are stronger and less likely to pill. Usually cotton/Polyester blends don’t wrinkle as much as 100 percent cotton sheets, but they aren’t as soft and you feel warmer while sleeping. So try to choose 100% cotton sheet as this are best recommended for Indian Weathers. Choose Crisp or Soft: Feeling new sheets in the store won’t help you figure out how the sheets will feel once they’re washed. That’s because sheets are usually treated with fabric enhancers and softeners to improve hand feel. Weave also affects how the sheets feel. while sateen has a softer feel and a glossier look. Twill weaves create a heavier fabric that can feel soft or crisp. Get the Right Fit: Measure your mattress’ height, length and width correct. Buy sheets that are a couple of inches deeper to allow for normal shrinkage. Get the Right TC :For cotton sheets, fabric is measure on basis of thread count. Higher the thread count better will be the quality. Dry in Shade and upside down: Cotton fabric fades in Sunlight. So always dry it in shade and upside down. Remember Sunlight is natural bleaching agent.

  • Best Organic: Linenwalas Fitted
  • COTTON SATEEN SOFTEST BEDSHEETS: Our fabric is 100% cotton sateen weave which makes the fabric soft, smooth and silky. There is no polyester or poly satin blended in it. There are 400 threads per square inch. which makes it extremely soft and breathable for a comfortable nights sleep. Rough cotton balls will not appear on fabric after several washes. The fabric will get softer on subsequent washes
  • BEST BEDSHEET DEAL ONLINE: Our brand motto is happy sleeping for all and you would truly love these pure cotton high thread count bedsheets and pillowcases. The colors are soft and subtle and pillowcases are styled. Similar fitted bedsheets with all around elastic would be priced at least 2x in the market
  • STYLED PILLOW COVERS AND FAST COLOURS: The pillow covers have an elegant double pleat which gives your bedding a designer appeal. The nature of pure cotton and hard water makes the colors look dull in no time – however we use high quality colours ensuring that fading is very gradual and unnoticeable
  • WASH CARE AND DURABILITY: Our fabric is easy machine washed in cold water. We use high quality 3 ply thread for stitching which makes the edges look neat and product durable. Hard water, fabric softeners or bleach are best avoided. Our products are backed up by 100% replacement warranty. We will ensure that you are satisfied with our linens even after several uses. Please feel free to contact us should there be a need, we are happy to help. Happy Sleeping
  • SNUG FIT WITH ALL AROUND ELASTIC: Our fitted sheets are snug fit and will fit mattress sizes from 6 inches to 12 inches height. The fabric is pre shrunk and you won’t face shrinkage issues post washing
  • Softest Sheets: BedZone
  • Package Contents – 1 Bedsheet Double – 90”x100″ inch with 2 Pillow covers Standard Size (17”X27”). _ Made in Rajasthan
  • SOFTEST BEDSHEETS: Rest comfortably on the softest 180 THREAD COUNT Bed Sheets. Cotton Bed Sheet Sets are softer like English cotton.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR HOME: Do you feel that bedsheets can change the aura of the whole room?. Cotton BedSheets are ideal gifts for Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday etc.
  • EASY CARE: Best washed in cold water-washing in hot water increases likelihood of pilling. Dry on low heat and remove immediately. Dryer sheets, fabric softener or bleach are not recommended. Line dry recommended.
  • Our products are backed up by 100% warranty. We will ensure that you are satisfied with our bedsheet even after several uses. Please feel free to contact us should there be a need, Happy to Help.

Buying Guide

Bed sheets are a sleep accessory that’s often chosen solely based on looks, price, or convenience. But it’s a very important component in a good night’s sleep, so you should look beyond the obvious when shopping for sheets for your sleep sanctuary.

Consider how the sheets feel on your skin, regulate temperature and moisture, whether they’re all-natural, organic, or synthetic, and how they may benefit (or detract from) your sleep experience. This guide looks at factors to consider when shopping for sheets.

How to Choose the Right Sheets for Your Bed

  • Bed Sheet material
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Cotton Blend
  • Polyester
  • Jersey Knit
  • Bamboo
  • Flannel
  • Microfiber
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Fit
  • Weave
    • Percale 
    • Sateen
    • Twill
    • Flannel
  • Color/Pattern

The Best Thread Count for Sheets

What is thread count?

Thread count is not the end-all when it comes to choosing the best sheets for you. Here’s what you need to know. Thread count is the number of lengthwise and crosswise yarns within a 1” square section of the fabric. A thread count of 250 means there’s 125 strands lengthwise and 125 crosswise.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Sheets?

Ultimately, bed sheet choice is about what gets you the best night’s sleep. In addition to style, choice of materials and thread count or weight, here are some additional considerations.

  • Fiber content – Materials matter and fibers can be natural (cotton, linen, silk), synthetic (made from petrochemicals), artificial (Man-made from natural raw materials), or a blend. Each has a different feel and sleep experience.
  • Set or individual pieces – Sheet sets commonly come with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 1-2 pillowcases, but some companies now offer a greater variety where you can buy just the fitted and then customize how many pillowcases you want.
  • Organic or natural – Natural and organic sheets are silk, cotton, linen, or wool. Natural means that it’s from a component found in nature while organic means the raw materials grew without pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, or any GMOs.
  • Return policy and sleep trial – If you’re not certain what you want, buying sheets that offer a sleep trial can ensure you get the best sleep experience for your needs. Also, check out the return policy, so you’ll know if the purchase is final or not.

Best Deals in Bedsheet

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