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TEA Or COFFEE Which One Should You Choose

tea or coffee We are often confused about which beverage to drink during the evening time because both of them energize you and provides various types of health benefits. Some people just can’t start their day without having coffee or tea as these drinks improve the mood and make you more alert, So guys brings a new blog on Coffee and tea , and which is wise to take .

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  • Caffeine Caffeine is important for boosting the energy and making you more alert. It is needed in a large amount to deal with a long day at work. According to previous studies, tea contains more caffeine than coffee but when brewed, the amount of caffeine in coffee increases. Caffeine is not bad for you but, if you have it in an excessive amount, it can cause troubles in your sleeping patterns and you can even get anxiety. So, we can say that when it comes to caffeine content, tea is a better option!

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  • Diabetes
    Two or three cups of coffee each day is linked with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The content of coffee is believed to control the blood sugar levels and improve the use of insulin inside the body. Talking about tea, it is good for your overall health but, it doesn’t help much in dealing with diabetes.

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  • Antioxidants
    If we compare tea with coffee in terms of the antioxidant content, tea will always win! Tea is loaded with antioxidants that help in detoxifying the body and fighting with various types of diseases. While coffee also contains antioxidants but the content is very low as compared to tea.

Here are some Products Regarding tea or coffee:

  • Nescafe Gold Espresso Italian Style Rich with Crema
tea or coffee
  1. Made from premium hand-picked Arabica beans
  2. Featuring a smooth blend of espresso coffee and a velvety layer of crema
  3. Easy to experiment and customize to your own perfect cup
  4. Great for making a traditional espresso, or a delicate cup of Americano
  5. Savour a strong, rich taste with every cup
  6. Discover our premium instant espresso, crafted for espresso lovers
  7. Made using 100% Arabica beans, carefully roasted for depth of flavour
  • Tata Tea Gold Care
tea or coffee
  1. For discerning tea-drinking consumers: Enjoy an exquisite tea blend with rich taste and natural ingredients of Tata Tea Gold Care
  2. Tulsi is known to improve the body’s immunity
  3. Brahmi is known to help improve memory
  4. Cardamom is known to help with digestion
  5. Tea with the goodness of mulethi and ginger that are known to be good for sore throat and common cold and cough respectively
  6. Savor Every Moment: Perfect cup of tea to delight you & your loved ones at any time of the day wishes you the best , for your and family’s good health and prosperity , Please use proper protection to destroy the virus , we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe .

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