Special Dishes of 5 Indian states you must try it once

India is a nation that is so vibrant and diverse that every state exhibits a different culture, tradition, a way of life, language and cuisine.India consists of 28 states and eight union territories. However, that is not what sets it apart from the other countries of the world. India is a nation that is so vibrant and diverse and every state exhibits a different culture, tradition, a way of life, language and cuisine.

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1. Punjab

Makke ki roti and sarson da saag. 

This northern state is especially popular for its amazing local cuisine that is relished throughout the country. Try the makke ki roti and sarson da saag, which is a popular combination of a Punjabi flat-bread and gravy made of mustard leaves and spices. Also, the popular chhola-bhatura, rajma-chawal, amritsari machhli (fish) and lassi (sweetened buttermilk) find their roots in this region.

2. Gujarat


Traditional Gujarati food is adored for its distinctive flavor that maintains an interesting balance between spices and sweetness. Try the dhokla, which is a well-known snack or breakfast item that is both healthy and delicious. Other popular delicacies include the thepla (flat-bread made of fresh fenugreek leaves and flour), khandvidhansak and Gujarati kadhi.

3. Maharashtra

Vada Pav 

Maharashtrian cuisine covers a range of dishes that go from being too mild to very zesty. Throughout the state, you can find amazing restaurants serving typical local food. The most cherished is the vada pav, which is a potato fritter stuffed between bread buns, served with piquant chutney and green chilies. Other prominent dishes from this region include, pav-bhajishrikhandthalipeethpuran poli and modak.

4. Bihar

Litti Chokha

People don’t know enough about the typical cuisine of Bihar even though it is excessively rich in taste and austere in the way it is prepared. The most admired delicacy of the state is litti and chokha, which consists of roasted wheat balls stuffed with a special filling and mashed potatoes with distinct flavors. Also worth trying are the sattu parathasjhal murhikhaja and tilkut.

5. Rajasthan

Dal Baati

This state is not only illustrious because of its vast deserts, beautiful palaces, and vibrant history—it is also famed for the scrumptious indigenous cuisine. The region presents a variety of delicacies when it comes to food. One of the most appetizing dishes is daal-baati, which consists of hard balls made of wheat flour and additives fried in ghee, and a special daal made of different types of pulses. It is usually served with churma, a sweet dish prepared by crushing baatis and adding ghee and sugar. Also try the pyaaz kachorimalai ghewargatte ki sabzi and kalakand.

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