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Nowadays, Indians have become very conscious in their appearance, mannerisms and even how they smell. For this, they really struggle hard to groom themselves with the best ever products in everything including dress codes, hair styles, skin brightening products and also perfumes they apply.

When they turn their attention towards the best selling perfumes, many can come under this category. A perfume can be called as best perfume with not only its performance but also the time it stays (whether it is long lasting), number of sprays per bottle and so on.

Thus, let us check out the most popular brands of perfumes that are very famous in the Indian market.

Here’s the list of some of the leading Brand’s

1. Armani Perfume

Armani Perfume

Giorgio Armani is actual name from which Armani perfume ranges were born. This perfume stands first in the position because of its awesome smell that is fresh, misty and airy. This smell comes from tints of lemon, cedar, mint, jasmine, pink pepper, sugar, peony which gives an awesome feel after using it. More or less it is a feminine perfume because of its fragrance. Also, it is a largest selling perfume brands in India.

Some of leading selling’s From Armani:

2. Calvin Klein Perfume

Calvin Klein which is available in four versions such as Escape, Downtown, Be and sheer beauty is a most selling perfume brands in India. Designed for both men and women, Calvin Klein has fresh woody fragrance made from violet leaf, wasabi and mandarin. It is available in different quantities and attractive designed bottles.

Here’s some of the Best selling from Calvin Klein:

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