Some childhood memories every 90s kids can relate, let’s know more about this

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A 90s kid has all the reasons in the world to brag about being born in the 90s as well as cry their eyes out while being nostalgic in this fast-paced 21st century. Check out these Childhood Memories Every 90s Indian Kid Can Relate To.

1.Pokemon and WWE cards/stickers

A collection of Pokemon and WWE cards and stickers were prized possessions of a 90s kid so much so we have seen bloodshed happening over them.

2. Milton Bottle

Born in the 90s? Then you know what a Milton bottle looks like!

3. Pen fight with classmates or gang

No one 90s kid has cross their school life without playing a game of ‘pen fight’, ‘with their gang.

4. Door Darshan

If the background tune of DD Channel still haunts you in your sleep, then you gotta be a 90s kid!

5. Kismi, Poppins, Mango Bite, Coffee Bite & More

The above-mentioned delights brought a twinkle in our eyes.

6. Candy cigarettes

Which 90s kid hasn’t tried to act cool while fake smoking these candy cigarettes?!

7. Indian Pop Music

A 90s kid can never get over the likes of Ila Arun, Alisha Chenoy, Lucky Ali, Baba Sehgal and Falguni Pathak as our childhood went into dancing to the tunes of their joyful lyrics.

8. Outdoor games

Every 90s kid is familiar with outdoor games like Pitthu, etc.

9. Comics

A 90s kid didn’t know what boredom feels like even during their long train journeys, thanks to comics like Champak, Chacha Chaudhary etc.

10. Cassettes and Tape-fixing

An endless collection of cassettes and a walkman/tape-recorder were necessary possessions of a music enthusiast back then and if you were one, you could not have missed out on fixing your tapes using a pen/pencil.

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