Reduce The Risk Of Premature Death By Walking 7,000 Steps Daily, let’s know more

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Physical activity keeps many health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer at bay and it also improves the over all quality of life.

Middle-aged people can reduce the risk of premature death by walking just 7,000 steps daily. The JAMA Network report says that people who walk 7,000 steps a day have a lower risk of early death than those who walk less than 7,000 steps.

 Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst monitored the health outcome of 2,100 people who were a part of the research.

Merits of walking 7,000 steps daily 

Researchers explained that increasing the daily ‘step count’ in people who are the least active can lead to ‘mortality benefits’. Research has indicated that the 7,000-step daily move was enough to protect against heart complications compared to the suggested 1,000 steps. The research evaluated adults, aged 38 and 50 and showed that people who took 7,000 steps a day were less likely to die by the next decade.

The report believed that physical activity provides benefits against many conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer as well as improves the quality of life. However, due to limited research, the U.S. National Guidelines do not include counting of steps as a target for achieving health results.

Premature death risk is low

According to the World Health Organization, a person should do moderate exercise for 150 minutes. The research believes that the patient’s wearable monitoring systems have emerged as personal drug tools to check and prevent chronic conditions.

Meanwhile, two American researchers have found that walking just 4,000 steps daily could reduce your risk of death by about 30 percent. In another published review, experts had listed the benefits of several levels of physical activity. According to him, only 4,400 steps a day can be enough to protect against serious diseases. 


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