Redmi TV X55 – 139 cm | 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV

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Redmi tv design and specifications –

Redmi TV X55 – 139 cm | 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV,The Redmi Smart TV X Series is a much-needed update for Xiaomi’s mainstream television range, slotting into the very popular and competitive affordable big-screen TV segment. It goes up against competition. the 55-inch Redmi Smart TV X55 may seem a bit expensive, but a closer look at recent price corrections in the market suggests that this is about right for a television with these features and specifications now.It’s an Ultra-HD LED TV with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, and support for the Dolby Vision and HDR10+ high dynamic range formats. The TV has a rated sound output of 30W, and Dolby Audio is supported on its box speakers, while Dolby Atmos is supported for pass-through when a compatible soundbar or speaker system is connected.

It’s not a very fancy-looking television, but the Redmi Smart TV X55 doesn’t seem shabby either; it has a simple, discreet appearance as you might expect for an affordable television of this size. The body of the TV is all black plastic with slim black borders all around the screen and a small Redmi logo at the bottom, just above the indicator light. There is a power button just behind the indicator light to power up the TV, but you won’t be able to do anything else without the remote.

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About its remote and features –

Even though Xiaomi has launched its latest TVs under a new brand, using the Redmi Smart TV X55 feels very familiar in many ways. When it comes to the remote and features, the TV closely matches up and launched recently. The Redmi TV has the same remote, save for a Redmi logo at the bottom instead of the much more common Mi logo. Another rather annoying point is that the company STILL doesn’t include batteries for the remote in the box.

Some software features linked to the remote have stuck around, including the ability to invoke quick settings even within content by long-pressing the button, and to quickly mute the TV by double-pressing the volume down button. It’s the familiar, minimalist remote that I’ve written about in detail on multiple Xiaomi products. Some love the minimalism and simplicity, while others (like myself) may find the button-filled, full-fledged remotes offered by much of the competition much more flexible and comforting.

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Review about this product –

The introduction of the Redmi brand in the television space might sound like a big deal, but the Redmi Smart TV X55 is practically the same as the Mi TV range at its core. That’s not a bad thing at all, and the Redmi Smart TV X55 is a much-needed update for a range that was looking increasingly dated in the face of impressive competition. At Rs. 38,999, the 55-inch model might seem a bit expensive, but a price correction for the TV space has been due for some time now, and this is actually quite reasonable for what’s on offer by today’s standards.

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