New WhatsApp Feature , let’s know more about this

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About 7 months ago, WhatsApp introduced the ‘Mute Video’ feature for its Android users. The feature can now be introduced for iOS users soon. Let’s more about this new feature.

, called ‘Mute Video’, for its Android users. The company is now bringing this special feature to its iOS users as well. The feature will be available to iPhone users 7 months after it was launched for Android users. The work is currently underway and the feature will be rolled out soon. Let’s know what this feature is and how it works.

How To Find If New Feature Works 

According to WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the feature ‘Mute Video’ is available on Android version. This feature has been rolled out to iOS beta users. To verify if the feature is already available for your WhatsApp account, just try to send a video to a WhatsApp contact.  

How to Use :-

Step 1: To use the WhatsApp ‘Mute Video’ feature, go to the chat of the user you wish to send mute videos to.
Step 2: Now, tap the gallery icon and select the video.
Step 3: Tap the speaker icon at the top-left to remove sound from the video.
Step 4: Once done, you can share the video without audio on WhatsApp.

However, the other options will remain the same as before. In the video, you will be able to place emojis, text, and edit as before.

Multi-Device Support Feature

WhatsApp has also started rolling out the multi-device support feature for non-beta users, which was available only to beta users. This special feature allows users to run their WhatsApp account on more than one device at a time, such as laptops and computers. 

Update App

According to WhatsApp Tracker, WABetaInfo, the app’s version has been rolled out to Android and iOS users. You can use the WhatsApp multi-device support feature by updating the app with a new version. According to the report, WhatsApp can mandate multi-device version updates for future updates.  

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