Keep your Kidney healthy especially in this tough time


COVID-19 is considered to be a respiratory disease, but the kidneys also have been affected. Sudden kidney loss is known as acute kidney injury developed in some of the otherly healthy adults with COVID-19. In severe cases, dialysis may be required, but kidney damage of this kind can sometimes be reversed. It’s not clear exactly why severe COVID-19 cases still affect the kidneys. But contributing factors could include: acute septic tubular necrosis, microinflammation, increased blood clotting that “clogs” the kidneys, low levels of toxicity. If you have CKD, COVID-19 may quickly overwhelm your kidneys, directly infecting the kidneys. More advanced current renal disease appears to be associated with worse outcomes of COVID-19. A recent trial Trusted Source found that individuals with COVID-19 and renal disease (ESRD) were 11 times more likely than people who had no kidney disease to receive hospitalization. Since COVID-19 is a relatively new disease, there is currently no large study in people with CKD and COVID-19.

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COVID-19’s long-term effects on the kidneys are yet unknown. “Many nephrologists are concerned that the kidney function may be affected long-term by a number of chronic renal diseases, or that people without chronic kidney disease may develop chronic kidney disease. There has nevertheless not been enough time to study these effects and further research is required. We have begun to study the influence of COVID-19 on kidney outcomes to determine whether COVID-19 long-term renal complications affect patients with chronic renal disease. Also, part of a large national registry following recipients of kidney transplants is developing COVID-19 to help study the progression of the disease in this particular patient population.

Ways to maintain healthy kidneys

Take antibiotics
These anti-bacterial medicines can damage your kidneys if you use them too frequently. Even if you’re totally healthy, but if your kidney doesn’t work as well, it’s more serious. There are certain types of problems like penicillin, sulfonamides, and cephalosporins.

Skip Herbal Supplements
Additional producers don’t have to prove that their products are safe. This can be particularly harmful if you have kidney disease because it may exacerbate or influence the way certain medicinal products work. Talk about any herbal supplement with your doctor.

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Take a nutritious Diet
Everything you eat or drink is processed by your kidneys, including everything bad for you such as lots of fat, salt, and sugar. A poor diet can cause high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and other kidney-hard conditions in the course of time. There’s plenty of vegetables, fruit, entire grains, and few processed products in a healthy diet.

Watch your salt
This mineral has a different effect on people. For some, the amount of protein in their urine seems to be increasing. If you already have it, you can harm your kidneys or worsen kidney disease. A lot of salt also increases the chance of high blood pressure, a typical cause of kidney disease, and kidney stones which can become very painful and can cause untreated damage.

Drink Enough water
Water helps to get your kidneys with important nutrients and move waste to your bladder in urine form. The tiny filters in the reins may be stopped and result in kidney stones and infections when you do not drink enough. If often enough your kidneys are damaged even if mild dehydration occurs. Usually, between 4 and 6 glasses a day are right, but if you’re sick or out in the heat you may need more.

Exercise Like a healthy diet, exercise helps avoid conditions such as diabetes and heart disease which can cause damage to the kidney. But don’t try to go to the gym rat in one day from couch potato. If you are not prepared for it, too many workouts may also damage your kidneys. Work your way at least five days a week for 30 to 60 minutes. Check with your doctor first if you have any health problems if you have not in a certain period of time.

Your risk for kidney disease is important to know. If you or your family members have a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney failure, it is more likely. In such cases, your doctor may suggest certain kidney tests as part of your regular exam. The sooner you get it, the easier it is to treat and even stop.

Be Careful with Alcohol
A drink or two will probably not hurt your kidneys when you’re healthy. But binge beverages can cause sudden, serious damage and possibly lead to problems of long duration (with more than four drinks within 2 hours). Alcohol can also often dehydrate you, preventing your kidneys from working well and leading to weight gain, hepatic disease, high blood pressure, and other stressful conditions.

Quit Smoking
Smoking increases your risk of kidney cancer and damages your blood vessels by slowing blood circulation into your kidneys. Furthermore, smoking may affect certain medicines that treat hypertension. The fact that uncontrolled high blood pressure is a major cause of kidney disease is a grave fact.

Managing health issues
Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two most common conditions affecting your kidneys. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help to control both. In case of diabetes, keeping a close eye on your blood sugar and taking insulin if necessary. Take all medicines exactly as your doctor prescribes, check your numbers regularly for high blood pressure.

Your doctor may recommend further changes to your diet when you have kidney disease. Your doctor may prescribe medicines to decrease blood pressure and control blood glucose and lower cholesterol if lifestyle changes do not suffice to reduce kidney damage. Don’t wait to make your kidneys healthy the first step. Discuss your kidney with your health care provider and ask if you should be tested for kidney disease.

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Stay Healthy Stay Safe!


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