IOS or Android which is more user-friendly

Hey guys Dealicopter brings you another blog on IOS and Android’s user-friendly nature.

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Personally, I think iOS is easier and more convenient, and enjoyable to use than Android; and it would appear that a lot of my fellow Smartphone users agree since iOS users are on average more loyal to the platform than their Android counterparts. Once people have tried the iPhone they tend to stick with it.

IOS or Android who is more user-friendly

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But the quality of user experience is hard to quantify. A better way of approaching the idea might be to think about the respective design processes and philosophies behind iOS and Android.
Apple famously builds both software and hardware, enabling it to create a seamless whole. Every aspect of the iPhone, then, has been designed with iOS in mind – not only the current build of iOS but future iterations. In some cases, the same people are involved in the design of hardware and software.

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Android handsets, on the other hand, are built reactively: hardware and software are designed by separate teams in separate companies (in separate continents, quite often). Expecting the same level of polish would be unrealistic. wishes you the best , for your and family’s good health and prosperity , Please use proper protection to destroy the virus , we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe .

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