Identify Diabetes Symptoms This Way

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Diabetes Symptoms: Early signs of diabetes are also visible on your skin. Black, red, yellow spots could appear on skin when blood sugar increases. In addition, healing of wounds may also be delayed.

Diabetes has become a disease that has become increasingly difficult to avoid, thanks to our current lifestyle. Many people are falling prey to diabetes at a very young age. Diabetes affects your health, by negatively impacting many organs in your body. Diabetes triggers heart problems, weakens your eyes and affects the kidneys and other organs as well as the skin.Therefore, diabetes needs to be diagnosed in time. Some changes in skin along with some indicators could signal a spike in blood sugar. So lets know more about these symptoms.

Signs of diabetes

Increase in blood sugar causes frequent urination. Diabetes also triggers dehydration as the patient’s body water level drops due to frequent urination. This also causes roughness in your skin. Apart from this, some signs also appear in the skin before diabetes is diagnosed, which indicate spike in blood sugar levels in the body. These are called Pre-Diabetic symptoms. In case you notice the following pre-diabetic symptoms, you should consult a doctor for treatment immediately to prevent your health situation from worsening.

Dark patches or spots:Most diabetic patients notice dark patches or spots on their skin, mainly near the neck and underarms. They generally feel like velvet upon touching. This is pre-diabetic symptom, called acanthosis nigricans in medical terms. This indicates rise in blood sugar/insulin.

Red, yellow or brown spots: Itching and skin pain is also a pre-diabetic symptom. Many people start noticing red, yellow or brown pimple-like spots on the skin. In medical terms, this is called necrobiosis lipodica and is another pre-diabetic symptom. If you see such signs, then get your blood sugar level checked immediately.

Delayed healing of wounds: Wounds do not heal for a long time when the amount of blood sugar in the body increases. This can damage your nerves and negatively impact blood circulation. Due to nerve damage, it becomes difficult to heal skin wounds. This type of problem is called diabetic ulcer. If you are also facing such a problem, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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