How to create a affiliate account and start making money

Also Read – The most beautiful airports in India is one of the leading websites for selling online books and electronics in India. Flipkart was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. After working at, they quit and started their own business. They offer affiliate programs that allow you to earn by selling their products through your affiliate links. To do this, you need a website or blog that allows you to share a list of different products with affiliate links.

Reasons and Benefits of Signing Up for a Affiliate Account:

It’s okay to buy a product, especially a book, from, but if you have a blog or website, recommend it to your blog readers. I can. Friends and friends. You can encourage users to buy books you’ve already read, or associate them with your engineering curriculum or other students. offers referral commissions for products sold through its website or related links.
The fees you receive from your partner account are as follows:
Therefore, it is clear from the list that we get most of the income from selling books. That means that if you have an educational website or something that recommends a book, it will be better for you.

How to Sign Up and Receive Commissions: There is a very simple process for signing up for an affiliate account. Anyone can sign up for and use this program without any confirmation from you regarding your website or blog. Flipkart doesn’t care if you have a website. You can also recommend books and their products by email, but avoid spam.

Payment Options available in affiliate account:

Payments are proceeds weekly or monthly deepening upon payment threshold reach.

There are two possible way to get paid by affiliate program

i) One is you can request a check to your local address. But the minimum payment threshold is 2500/-

ii) Second way is that you can buy product from from your earn amount. This earn amount can be redeemed in the form of gift vouchers. The minimum payment threshold for gift voucher is 250/-

You can see the payment records:

There are number of formats of ads you can set up on your website using these options.  Like Flipkart Push Content Widet, Flipkart Bookmarklet Widget, Flipkart Promotional Widgets, Flipkart Promotional Banners, Flipkart links and Banners. See below.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing refers to the process of earning commissions by promoting and selling the various products available on Flipkart.

As a leading e-commerce company in India, Flipkart does not require referrals.
Online shopping and flipkart are almost synonymous in India. Popular e-commerce portals have almost everything modern Indians need.

In this online portal you can find everything from fashion to electronics, beauty products and baby care products.
However, this article is not about what to buy or sell at Flipkart, but about how to make money with the Flipkarts affiliate marketing program.

E-Commerce Portal Affiliate Programs are some of the best ways to make money online.
All you need is a decent amount of traffic to your website and bank account. Once these key requirements are met, you can join any website that offers affiliate marketing. Like
eBay and Amazon, Flipkart runs a partner program.

It is one of the best affiliate marketing programs that makes people around 25,000 rupees through it. 80,000 per month.

Flipkart affiliates work like any other affiliate program.

Here, your role as an affiliate partner is to increase the sales of Flipkart. In return, Flipkart rewards you in the form of commissions. This gives you a great opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.

As you know, Flipkart has a wide range of products. Products fall into very different categories.
Helping Flipkart sell its products will give you a certain percentage of Flipkart’s profits. This affiliate marketing committee at Flipkart depends on the category of products you sell.
Flipkart’s affiliate marketing commission is 1% to 15% of the product price. Learn more about commission rates for each product category.

E-Commerce Portal Affiliate Programs are some of the best ways to make money online. All you need is a decent amount of traffic to your website and bank account.
Once these key requirements are met, you can join any website that offers affiliate marketing.

Below are some reasons why you should consider Flipkart Affiliate Marketing :-

  1. Internal Technology –
    This website was one of the early starters of affiliate marketing. They developed the technology in-house. This means that Flipkart has better understanding and control of the issuer’s requirements. Therefore, the
    report widgets and feeds are integrated into the affiliate panel, making this affiliate marketing program very easy to use.
  1. Wide range of products –
    Flipkart is one of the best affiliate programs in India. The reason for this is the large amount of traffic that your website receives. Flipkart has several products for sale. This allows many people to visit your website and gain traffic to other related websites and portals.
    A wide variety of products are advertised, tracking is accurate and pricing is competitive. At the same time, accounting teams and other professionals are very punctual in paying fees.
  2. High Conversion Rate Everyone who uses –
    Flipkart was impressed with the high conversion rate. These prices are the highest in the country. Competitive pricing and Flipkart’s excellent service standards show the value of the website. The
    Flipkart also enables exclusive product launches. Within Flipkart, there is always more revenue and development leads.
  3. Affiliate Panels –
    Flipkart has reliable and informative affiliate panels. Flipkart is a great partner for providing real-time updates. Affiliate payments are never a problem as they are always done on time. Competent professionals manage affiliated company accounts.
  4. Affiliate Tools –
    There are various tools in affiliate marketing. These range from simple banners and widgets to APIs. The website has an API to list Flipkart offers / apps / products.
  5. Report –
    Flipkart provides real-time reports. These reports are essential for tracking link activity. It’s also useful for knowing conversions and performance across all categories. This helps optimize the performance of your campaign.
  6. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission –
    Below are some product categories and their shares.
    books and e-learning (10%)
    gold and silver coins (0.1%)
    school supplies and toys (10%)
    baby care products (10%)
    fragrances and beauty products (10%)
    household products (10%) )
    Flipkart also pays for installing Android apps.
    Recommended There are two charges, depending on the type of installation.
    Direct Install
    If you can get someone to install the Flipkart app just by asking a question, Flipkart will pay you Rs. 15
    Fallback Install For those who are promoting a
    product and want to buy it, this is known as a fallback install through the Flipkart Google Play Store if the app is installed. To receive the
    Fallback Install Commission, the user must open the app within 14 days of installation. The fallback installation fee is Rs. It’s 20.

If you have an affiliate account and wanna say something or newbies have any quires you are always welcome to ask and comment here. It will encourage us.

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