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Hand Sanitizer: Most Needed item in the current situation

Hand Sanitizer

Hey guys Dealicopter.com brings you the next blog on Hand Sanitizer: Most Needed item in the current situation. Hope this will embrace your knowledge and take a healthy lifestyle.
Worrying about which hand sanitizer to buy! Which will protect you from these germs or which one smells the best or which will be best for your pocket.

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Here’s some of the best picked Hand Sanitizer

1.Dabur Hand Sanitizer

The Dabur Hand Sanitizer/ Alcohol based (Regular) is the Ayurvedic formulation from the India’s most trusted Ayurvedic brand. It instantly kills 99.9% germs without the use of soap and water. It comes with shell life of 24 months which is Rinse free and Non-Sticky. Available in 3 fragrances i.e. Regular, Lemon, Strawberry with a price of Rs.239 (500 ml).

2.Lifebuoy Alcohol

Lifebuoy Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer is an anti-bacterial sanitizer with 60% alcohol content and gives you instant germ protection. It kills 99% bacteria without water and the glycerin leaves the skin feeling moisturized. It comes with price of Rs.200 (500 ml). Packaging may vary in the form of cap, pump, nozzle etc

3.Asian Paints Viroprotek

Asian Paints Viroprotek Advanced Liquid Hand Sanitizer (Clove Oil Fortified) is very safe for the skin. It has 75% alcohol Content and has been to kill 99% of the germs by NABL accredited laboratory). Its patented formula is reinforced with clove oil. It comes with a price of Rs.109 (500ml).

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4.ORILEY Instant Hand Sanitizer

ORILEY Instant Hand Sanitizer 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Liquid Hand Sanitizer is Non-Sticky and Non-Irritating and also gives us a Long-Lasting Protection so that one does not have to apply repeatedly on his/her hands. It can be used for all purposes and is ideal for hospitals, schools, gyms, and other places to sanitize your hands almost instantly. It is available for Rs.440 (1 Liter).

5.Plum Hello Aloe No-Stick Hand Cleansing Gel

Plum Hello Aloe No-Stick Hand Cleansing Gel (Sanitizer) is suitable for all skin types that does not have a sticky feel to it post use and does not dry your hands out. It is 70% alcohol based enriched with soothing aloe. It is 100% Vegan and is paraben free. It works well against all germs and viruses and is available at a price of Rs.152 (475 ml).

6.Microgen Handshield Rub

The Microgen Handshield Rub 70% Ethanol based Hand Sanitizer is a Perfume Free and Skin Friendly Hand Sanitizer. It acts pretty fast and has a persistent germicidal. It comes in a wide range of possibilities with price of Rs.350 (Rs.0.70/milliliter).

Dealicoptor.com wishes you the best , for your and family’s good health and prosperity , Please use proper protection to destroy the virus , we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe .

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