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good news for all

Due to national security concerns, PUBG Mobile was banned in India last September. Good news for all PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, was reintroduced in the Indian market yesterday as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game’s developer, Krafton, claims that Battlegrounds Mobile India complies with all government regulations in order to be legal in the country. The game developer has revealed that pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will take place before the game is released in the country. Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released as a free-to-play game in the country, according to Krafton. It means you won’t have to pay anything to play the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India will most likely be released on the Android and iOS platforms, and will be available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, as the name implies, will be exclusive to the Indian market and will not be released in any other country. It means you can’t play Battlegrounds Mobile India with people from other countries. One of the most notable features of PUBG Mobile in India was the ability to play with people from all over the world, as the game was available globally. Krafton revealed in a press release that Battlegrounds Mobile India will have features tailored to the Indian market. According to the game developer, the game will include exclusive in-game events, outfits, tournaments, and leagues to make it more appealing to people in the country.

Is the 18th of June confirmed as the release date for Battlegrounds Mobile in India? Check out Krafton’s most recent hint: Krafton has been tight-lipped about further details about the game since the rebranding of PUBG Mobile India. Fans are going crazy over each and every teaser posted by the officials, with the pre-registration currently live on the Google Play Store. On their official social media accounts, the South Korean publisher left another cryptic hint. They’ve shared a picture of a pan wrapped in a gift wrapper on a table with other items. The wrapper features numerous doodles of Airdrops and PUBG’s iconic Level 3 helmet. Fans on the internet immediately began looking for clues in the image, and they discovered something promising. A graph page is located next to the pan and contains some numbers. They arrived at the digit 18 after adding all the visible numbers. Many prominent content creators across the country had already hinted at the June 18 release date, so fans are going crazy.

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In a previous post, Krafton mentioned that “it’s almost time,” referring to the release of the PUBG Mobile Indian edition. “It’s almost time,” the caption reads. It’s time to reminisce, play with your friends, and celebrate with a chicken dinner!” This confirms that we are only a few days away from the official launch and that everything is going swimmingly. Mortal, Ghatak, and Maxtern have already hinted at a June 18th release date. Mortal, the level-headed champion, was one of the few content creators who was concerned about leaks. But it appears that even he can’t keep it in his pants. Mortal used his Twitter account to reveal the exact release date, writing, “12345, the date consists of a few of these numbers.” Similarly, Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern, another PUBG Mobile influencer, tweeted a binary code that translates to 18062021. Battlegrounds Mobile India could be released on June 18, according to his tweet. wishes you the best, for your and your family’s good health and prosperity, Please use proper protection to destroy the virus, we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe .

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