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FITNESS WORLD Martina Steel Recumbent Bike

FITNESS WORLD Recumbent Bike — What’s up viewers – by going through some of the top shopping sites on the web we bring you the best of the deal available. please go through the post as it will be very much beneficial for you. the deal provided below is the bestest and affordable according to our research.

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Description Of This Product –

Recumbent Bike — This bike boasts a high quality heavy-duty steel frame with a recumbent design, offering you a convenient way to burn calories and keep fit with your body fully stretched. The sturdy construction provides superior durability and can support up to 330LBS. With a mute magnetic control system, you will never worry to disturb anyone. You can choose from 8 levels of resistance to experience riding on various terrains. The adjustable seat and foot straps help to find an optimal position to exercise.This exercise bike tracks pulse, speed, distance, time, ODO, calories burned. You can follow up and analyze your exercise performance easily.With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease tension through the 8-preset level of smooth magnetic resistance. Customizing your workout tension can make your exercise more challenging and effective.

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The counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps and non-slip surfaces offer a smooth pedal for a comfortable and safe riding experience in the proper position. The plugin easily to find the perfect fit for your feet.Convenient transport wheels mounted to the rear stabilizer enable users to tilt and roll the equipment from one place to another; no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain. Effortless, you can make your home a personal fitness studioThis indoor cycling bike is combined magnetic with belt driven mechanism, offering an unbelievable riding experience. So you can work out both in the office or at home without bothering anyone.

Features & Details –

  • The sturdy steel frame combines both design and performance. Its step-through design lets you get on and off the bike easily .The counterbalanced strapped pedals conform to your foot’s build to ensure superior pedaling with Super Quiet 8 Level Magnetic Resistance.
  • Padded Adjustable Seat and Backrest: With high-density foam,the seat and backrest can better support your hip and back, ensure your correct posture meanwhile provide desired comfortability. Adjust the seat of this recumbent bike to find the best position to fit your body.
  • Clear Digital Monitor Screen:The meter clearly displays time, speed, distance, Pulse, calories etc for great readability, help you to check your real-time workout.
  • Safe and Easy to Move: Equipped with transport wheel, this stationary bike allows you to move around easily.

So, This was the deal presented to you by us. Hope you like it and purchased this item. And we are hear to see your opinion in the comment section given below. Also visit our social handles for more updates regarding this type of item at these amazing price.

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