Coronavirus, Don’t panic if you lost your job!


Unemployment stress can under any circumstances seriously affect your well-being. Your stress levels may be higher than usual during the coronavirus pandemic. Given our current state of the world economy, the prospect of a new job being created at any time soon is much lower. And it is not clear whether measures for social distancing end or how the economy will be formed when you can go back to work. You also have a recipe for an increased risk of mental health problems, the fear of getting sick, the failure to go home, and the need to educate your children. Fortunately, if you have lost your job, there are some things you can do to handle stress healthily. It can help you maintain your mental health during this crisis to manage your distress and take positive action.

The link between joblessness and mental wellbeing
The increased risk of depression, anxiety, suicide, drug abuse, and violence has been linked to unemployment. There are several reasons why your psychological well-being can be seriously affected without a job:
Difficulties with the payment of basic needs: Lower income makes buying food and paying for housing difficult. The resulting stress makes staying mentally healthy difficult.
Missing purpose: It can make some people feel that their lives lack meaning and meaning, not contributing to society and not bringing home revenue to support the family. Reduced social interaction: The absence of a job could mean less social interaction that directly affects mood and comfort.
Less mental health resources available: You have fewer resources left to spend on behaviors that promote better mental health when your time and energy are needed to manage your lives (food, housing, and essential necessities) (exercising, maintaining social relationships, etc).
Faulty coping abilities could be more attractive: While some may respond to unemployment by cutting down on things that cost more, others have misbehavior such as drugs and alcohol, which can have a negative impact on their health and well-being.

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Tips to handle the problem

It is important to take measures, such as finding funds to manage your financial strainedness and seek employment, in order to help solve problems when you are unemployed. There are few places now available for hiring, so there are limited opportunities for a job at this moment. But that doesn’t mean that you should wait idly for things to improve. Now you can manage your finances and deal with your job situation. This action could include things like:

Enhance your emergency fund size
Use your severance package or the complete and final settlement if possible to increase its size to 6 months or even 12 months if you had an emergency fund worth at least 3 months of your income before the pandemic. Until you receive another job you will have your emergency fund as your central cash reserve. You can even park a portion of your emergency fund in an FD and liquidate it midway after you lose only 1 percent of interest income.

Go on a strict budget You need to track any rupees you leave your account by obstructing income channels and seek ways to reduce the corners as much as you can. During such a situation, your spending patterns must change drastically. You need to exercise strict cost reductions and reduce non-essential expenses so that more money can be spent on critical financial commitments such as rental, food, and services. The lockdown phase should help because you won’t have to spend any more on things like everyday commutes.

Make sure that the failure to pay premiums does not delay the critical insurance plans. Your insurance plan is another key financial undertaking, especially during this pandemic. Your insurance premiums should also be a top priority in due course. Your life insurance plan can help to secure the financial interests of your dependent family members if anything to the detriment of you happens, and your health insurance plan can protect your valuable savings if any of the insured people require hospitalization. If you rely solely on your employer group insurance plan when you work with them, see if you can continue with the same scheme even after you lose your job.

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Borrow carefully You may now be interested in taking a loan at this point if you are experiencing an extremely severe cash crown and your cost reduction measures prove to be of little help. You need to be very cautious when taking a loan because if you can not make prompt repayments, your finances will deteriorate further. You may feel a bit disappointed to hear the deadline for using this facility is now ended unless you plan to withdraw partly from your Provident Fund account. However, without a new credit, there are still a few other ways to raise cash. This can liquidate a non-important investment. You can look for collateral loans that are normally cheaper than their unsecured counterparts if neither option is suitable for your request. It could include a gold loan, an equity loan, or an investment from your ULIP plan and a loan against securities such as investments or shares from eligible mutual funds, etc. If not, you can go to unsecured financial institutions such as a personal loan or a pre-approved loan with a credit card. However, whatever option you choose, make sure that you have a plan to repay your loan on time and compare your options in the same category of loans with the best terms for repayments such as lower interest rates, processing fees, and pre-emptive costs before finalizing your decision.

Find new jobs Whether you are looking for a new full-time job or looking for ways of making money in the ‘gig economies,’ you can get a better impression actively by looking for work. Continue your training: You could take credit classes or subscribe to an online course to enrich yourself.

Update your resume If you begin applications for new jobs, upgrading your curriculum vitae (and requesting feedback from others) may increase your chances of landing a job.

In the end, every day can be considered as an opportunity to encourage the thinking needed to continue with the aim of finding a job, even in difficult times. Unemployment gives you a silver liner in that you wake up in the morning and can choose how your day will be like, action gives us encouragement and hope.

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Stay Healthy Stay Safe!


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