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CBSE Board Exempted- A BOON or A BANE?


Hey guys brings you the next blog on CBSE Board Exempted- A BOON or A BANE? Hope this will embrace your knowledge and take a healthy lifestyle.

CBSE Exemption

Education is a passport for an individual’s bright future. The tomorrow belongs it those who prepare it for today but unfortunately the batch oh 2020-21 has not even got this golden opportunity to prove themselves. The top scores or the students who were very focused towards their studies will now fall in the same line with the backbenchers. They are on the same platform now as when they go for further studies everyone will now consider them in the same category which is pretty unfair to them.

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The only best criteria to calculate the results is based on the CBSE 12th Boards. But the bitter truth is that it will be not exact as we also don’t know what would have happened if the exams were conducted. With these short-term consequences, it also has other effects in long-run. In the future, when these students of this batch will go for a job interview the firm will be most likely to choose either their seniors or juniors because the haven’t been able to provide their certificate of intelligence.

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Some students might be happy with this news now but in reality, this the greatest bane on them and the economy as if the future of the economy will be uneducated then how will the economy progress. Therefore, exemption of CBSE Boards is only a compromise with the future for this current situation. wishes you the best , for your and family’s good health and prosperity , Please use proper protection to destroy the virus , we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe .

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