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Best Cricket Bat’s in India

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A good cricket bat is an important piece of equipment for a skilled game play. 

Purchasing a cricket bat can be confusing, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Consider below factors to make an informed decision.

  • Size

Players above 15 years of age and 5’7” height should prefer full size bats. If your age is less than 14 years, then 4’3” to 5’4” height sizes bat is suitable. Regular cricket bats come with short handles. For tall users (more than 6’2”) should consider long handles for ease of use

  • Bat Weight

Standard weight of a cricket bat is between 1.2 to 1.4 Kg. However, based on your height and personal preference, you can choose bat weighing higher or lower of this range.

  • No-of Grains

Grains represent the age of the wood used for making the bat. Cricket bats with more grains perform better but are less durable compared to fewer grains. For both durability and performance, it is better to choose a bat with standard grain number (6 to 10).

Below is a compiled list of 5 Best Cricket Bats in India.

1. MRF Cricket Bat

First up on our list is the MRF Genius VIrat Kohli edition. As the name says and is the case, as from 2014, all of the MRF Genius bats are being endorsed by cricketer Virat Kohli. This particular bat is the latest and entry level entree and is built to target the younger and economic buyer section.

With a short handle and a small size, the bat is ideal for teens and kids who are just entering the serious ground of cricket. Particularly, ideal for kids between the age groups of 8 and 14 years.

2.  BK Xtreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

An economic bat with a good stroke, the BK Xtreme cricket bat is made out of kashmir willow. Sized 7, this bat is made for youthful players at their beginners stage.

The Kashmir Willow wood made bat is rightly weighted and gives an airy feel to the players. The handle of the bat, however is made out of popular willow wood. Thus this affects the quality of the junction at which the handle meets the blade and this needs higher quality attachment to the bat.

3.  GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

The GM Sting bat is made out of high quality kashmir willow wood. With a fine finish and a grade-1 performance, it is ideal for young and professional players (12+ years) kids to play around.

As mentioned in the name itself, the handle of the bat has a GM Grip. This grip is thicker in nature and could affect your defence if you are an unseasoned player. But the blade of the bat is fine polished for excellent strokes.

4. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

A good quality cricket bat with a decent price range,the SG RSD cricket bat is made out of Kashmiri Willow. It has a more than average performance and is good for power hitting.

While the body of the bat’s blade is made out of kashmiri willow , the handle is made out of Sarawak cane. Thus the bat has, on an overall, a great control while using it for a swing.

Shaped and designed traditionally, the bat has thick edges while the blade is curved. This converts the hard hitting and power filled strokes.

5. SS Custom English Willow Cricket Bat

The Custom built bat by SS is made out of premium quality English Willow.

The bat itself is light in weight and has ample amount of grip on its handle. This handle is made from high quality 9 piece sarawak cane. This round short handle not only provides great grip but also has incredible shock absorption ability.

Central body grain count for this bat is about 6 or 8. This screams of quality and great performance. Along with that, this also assures great durability for players intending to contest for high end tournaments and matches.

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