Bengal Elections

Elections Really play a important role in our Country , it is so much essential for choosing the right candidate and of course according to the wishes of the people .

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We all know our government is , ” Of the People , For the People and By the people ” so the the main theme is like the people are everything to the government .

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But , these recent days , Election was Conducted in Bengal , and all the promotional rallies were being Carried out.
A mass of people are are joining in these rallies , with or without protection , some people are forced to join while some are really not caring about the Pandemic , Even if we wear masks , the virus is unstoppable and it is declared by World Health Organization to stay at home and maintain distance , the second wave of Corona is brone in the air , so it is everything , the hospitals are getting filled , no beds , scarcity of Oxygen tanks, people are dying in huge numbers , the burial grounds can accommodate no space, still people as well as the ministers are not taking adequate measures , to stop this Promotional strategies and look for the benefits of people health . If the people are not there , what the use of the government .

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This Pandemic has really taken a lot of lives, still we are not taking it seriously , the doctors are risking their everyday life and working only for us . We all need to co- operate with the situation , and stay at home in order to walk mask less for the rest of our lives .

Also Read: 7 steps to fight coronavirus


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