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Authentic Keto Diet Plan for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian

Genuine Keto Diet

Get complete access to the Indian Keto diet or Ketogenic diet, a diet plan wherein you are prescribed to go super low on carbs and consume extremely high amounts of fats in your diet. This is why the Indian Keto diet is also called the low carb diet or low carb high fat (LCHF) diet. A diet plan like this puts your body into a process called Ketosis through which Ketones are produced, in simpler words, you begin to burn fats for energy!

Is it Healthy for Indian diets?

As Indian food is rich in carbohydrates, fitting in the keto diet can be a little challenging. However, our Indian feed plan includes a variety of vegetables and meals which are low in carbohydrates and mix well with the keto diet plan.

Including white paneer, gram flour, butter, fish, chicken, local vegetables like spinach, bottle gourd, Indian round gourd, brinjals, and beetroots can turn out to be extremely nutritious and also help in rapid weight loss along with the additional benefits of controlling your insulin levels.

Try everything for 60 days and if you don’t like it – you’ll get your money back.
No questions asked!

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