7 steps to fight coronavirus

Hey Guys , hope you all re better so wishers you a really good health during the pandemic , we all are facing some or the other issues , but to make our earth this pandemic free we really need to focus on precautions and protections , Apart from vaccines there are also few measures that help us to stay better so brings you there 7 ways to get away with Coronavirus and stay little better.

1.Washing hands at regular intervals – washing hand with hand-wash also using sanitizers is really important for maintaining a distance with current pandemic.

7 steps to fight coronavirus

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2.Obeying the Lockdown rules -In many situation we often tend go out , but we should control this as much as possible , in order to go out and roam free under the open sky we really need to protect us now by ending the pandemic s obey to the lockdown rules and only go out in certain emergencies .

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3.Maintaining a proper distance - W should maintain a proper distance also sanitize everything before we take things from other .

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4.Avoid touching sensitive places - It obviously not possible to control our reflex actions but it is advisable to avoid touching sensitive places , like face with unwashed hands.

5.Proper use of mask - We often use , different fabric of masks to match our clothes but health should be first prioritized , we should only use surgical mask . with proper layers or N95 mask , other fabrics like cotton masks has holes in it, which may give a entry to the virus.

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6.Don’t consume much stocked items - it is advisable not to consume much canned terms and medicines for a longer period of time , there are so many applications working and supplying items in Covid 19 , so sanitize before consuming them.

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7.Quarantine yourself and maintain a healthy food routine - Having a healthy food routine immune you and keep you away from the virus . If you are feeling sick then try to quarantine yourself and keep a distance from the relatives or other family members . wishes you the best , for your and family's good health and prosperity , Please use proper protection to destroy the virus , we have to stand together in the battle.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe .

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