5 Quick & Essential Ways to Maintain OXYGEN LEVEL at Home .

Hey spectators , brings you some easy and effective ways of balancing your oxygen level at home , we all are facing a crisis over oxygen –Tanks supply so it is advisable for all of us to get maintain the oxygen level regularly to increase our immunity and sustain the Pandemic.

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1.Maintain Your Diet: Include Anti oxidants in the diet by focusing on blueberries, cranberries, red kidney beans, artichoke hearts, strawberries, plums and blackberries, most of which can be consumed in various juices and smoothies.

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2.Hydrate Yourself: The human body is roughly 60 percent water, so it cannot be understated how critical water is to how the body functions thus allowing body cells to grow, lubricating our joints and regulating body temperature.

3.Get Fit & Active: Exercise is key to a healthy life. Through aerobic exercise, such as simple walking, the body is able to better utilize oxygen while removing waste through the lymphatic system.

Get Fit & Active

4.Correct Way of Breathing: Exercising your lungs regularly is crucial to maintaining ones respiratory health. The correct method to proper breathing is slow, from the diaphragm, and through the nose, rather than the mouth.

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5.Purify The Air: There are a number of air purifiers on the market that can filter the worst of our environmental pollutants. Another helpful “low-tech” tool in reducing pollution in the air and purifying oxygen is a beeswax candle, which doesn’t emit smells.

Purify The Air

Also Read: 7 steps to fight coronavirus


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